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Red /Pink Hatters in West Australia ...information site

'Sisters are doing it for themselves'

To all Red/Pink Hatters in West Australia. This is a site where you can find out about open events for Red/Pink Hatters in WA.

What is meant by 'open event'? It is an outing, gathering, function,anything that one group has decided to run (shh! organise) and chosen to invite any red/pink  hatters along to share the fun.

Although your Queen is quite capable of passing on these open events, sometime she can get tired of repeating them. If they are posted here every red hatter can catch up with what is out there to do.

They can sign up to go by letting the hostess know....that means RSVP to the person who gives her contact details for the event.

 You will need to be a member of this site to look at some of the pages.

If you are not a Red/Pink Hatter and want to know more about this great social and friendship group go to the 'About Red Hatting' page. You can find out on this page where we have groups that you can join.

We also have a Facebook page for Red/Pink Hat members click on the link below

Click here to see Jenny Joseph's Obituary RIP
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Red Hatters West Australian ABC Broadcast

Jenny Joseph reads her poem Warning!

We are looking for outgoing women!
Are you outgoing?
Do you like to be a leader?
 We are looking for ladies who might like to run their own group an be Queen!
We can help with all aspects of setting up a group and we do have some black hole areas in Perth and WA that need groups. 
You don't have to all the work as we can help set your group up as a team but we do need the 'spokes people' Are you one of them perhaps you are about to retire and would like something to keep you entertained ?
 Please get in touch via     [email protected] 

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